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Drawing upon our knowledge of the vineyards and their winegrowers, and the hundreds of tastings we carry out throughout the year in each of the appellations, we strive to identify the best plots of land, working with their owners to establish a precise vineyard management system based on daily observations and care for the environment, right up to the tasting of the grapes in order to determine harvesting dates. The aim of this approach is to obtain optimum grape maturity, the greatest concentration of aromas in the berries and the expression of terroirs that are faithful to their appellations with the ultimate aim of achieving balance. These close partnerships are thus enriched by relationships of trust that allow us to establish long-term relations with our partner winegrowers while keeping the door open to new encounters and expressions.



The climatic conditions and the growing cycle determine the main characteristics of the grapes, making each harvest unique. Each vinification is different from the last one, calling for a constantly open mind and making each vat a special case which will require its own individual treatment. All the operations are carried out as dictated by grape must tastings and laboratory analyses and tests. We supervise the winemaking process carefully, visiting our partner wineries several times a week, or even daily. All in the interests of expressing the diversity of the grape varieties and soils as faithfully as possible, and channelling the power of the sunny Mediterranean climate.



Once the fermentations have been completed, some of the wines are matured in vats to reveal the full purity of the fruit. Depending on the profiles sought, another portion of the wines is aged in casks, demi-muid barrels or oak tuns from the best French cooperages. We choose the type of containers, grape selections and the type of barrel toasting in accordance with the vintage, the appellation, the structure of the wines, the grape varieties, and the length of maturation. Here, once again, there is no predefined recipe: this special, flexible environment must allow the wine to blossom, develop complex aromas, and gain in supple smoothness… while at the same time preserving the freshness and elegance so vital to the balance of the final blend.



“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” Aristotle may not have been thinking of wine when he wrote this adage, yet the art of blending is a perfect illustration. For each of the appellations, we bring together all the samples from stainless steel and concrete vats, casks and other demi-muid barrels from various cooperages intended to be used in the blending of the various wines. This is the final touch that lasts for hours, sometimes days, and consists of seeking the optimal harmony between the freshness of one grape variety and the power of another, the elegance of one barrel and the concentration of another... and it is this variety of terroirs, grape varieties, expressions and personalities that is particularly favourable to the complexity of the wines. The aim of each of these expert dosages is to contribute to the optimal balance.



Packaging is a delicate stage that we carry out with the greatest care. We have selected state-of-the-art equipment known for its reliability and technical qualities. All our units are managed by experienced line managers who are trained in technical aspects, and also in the oenological monitoring of the bottling process. The teams are all made up of permanent, multi-skilled staff. Our expertise enables us to exercise perfect control over this final stage in the wine production process, ensuring the ageing potential of our wines over time.



The marketing and sales departments are involved in dreaming up and designing products in line with market expectations. From design to marketing, their expert role is to define market trends to enable us to respond in a relevant, responsive way. As a result, our wines are now marketed through various distribution channels in France and abroad.

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